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Beauty in Design:
SunShade's Retractable Awning Features

SunShade Retractable Awning

The SunShade Retractable Awning by Gutter Helmet® is designed and engineered with frame components that are compact, mechanically invisible, and aesthetically appealing.

SunShade awning frames have a durable, electrostatic, baked-on, powder-coated white finish that is up to four times thicker than paint.

The color-coordinated caps on all nuts and bolts and mounting hardware complete the distinctive finishing touches to your beautiful SunShade Retractable Awning.

Best Awnings in the Business

The Sunshade Retractable Awning by Gutter Helmet is designed with quality as the primary focus, eliminating the inconvenience of manually installing and removing pins, upright poles, or other braces.

Key Awning Design Features

Little Big Arms

Little Big ArmsFor shading narrow widths and large projections, the Sunshade Retractable Awning by Gutter Helmet offers Little Big Arms that fold over each other when your awning is retracted. When space is restricted, the SunShade Retractable Awning frame may be customized for the coverage you need.

Adjustable Tilt

Adjustable TiltThe Adjustable Tilt shoulder offers easy slope adjustment with a hand crank, adjusting from 0 degrees to a full 40-degree arm pitch. The Tilt shoulder option is a great solution for low-sun problems.

Wireless Motor

Wireless MotorBecause the SunShade Retractable Awning offers a wireless motor option that uses a standard electrical outlet, there is no need for expensive rewiring. Our heavy-duty motor is located inside the fabric roller tube, and can be switch-operated or remote-controlled. Manual override motors, which are a gear/motor combination, are also available for manual operation during power outages.